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Equine Mud Fever Solution

Mud fever can be a major problem for horse, pony and donkey owners. During the winter and early spring, mud fever can result in tender skin, sores and scabs.

However, mud fever can strike anytime throughout the year if there is a prolonged period of wet or damp weather.

What is not widely known is that mud fever is not a single disease, rather it is a number of related conditions that are grouped together under the same diagnosis. However, these conditions are all associated with similar causes and similar symptoms.

If left untreated, your horse may become agitated and unsettled. Hoof stamping is a typical behaviour that is indicative of mud fever. In severe outbreaks, your horse may even be prone to lameness.

Naturally, preventing mud fever in the first place is the best defence, but this is not always practical. This is where Horse Shield can provide maximum benefit. Horse Shield's ingrediants are formulated to protect vulnable skin.

However, if your horse has already succumbed to mud fever, using Horse Shield will prove to be a vital addition to your treatment action plan. Horse Shield contains clinically and laboratory tested ingredients that attacks bacteria, aids healing, moisturises and helps maintain healthy equine skin.

As one user said:

"I have a 7 year old piebald gypsy cob who has lovely feathers. Unfortunately due to the poor weather the field has become quite muddy and he developed mud fever. I was also conscious of the fact that his feathers were snapping off. I tried Horse Shield and the results have been great. He has hardly any scabs left and he is no longer constantly scratching at his legs - this was a big pain when riding him. Also I have found that the mud doesn't seem to be hanging on the feathers as much and they are not snapping off. The Horse Shield nozzle is great as I can direct it straight onto the sore skin area especially the bits in between the feathers. I will continue to use Horse Shield throughout the winter to prevent the sores and scabs from returning."

D.M. (South Wales)

How Horse Shield can help with your equine mud fever treatment routine

Silky smooth formulation makes it quicker and easier to apply to your horse's skin.
  • Horse Shield contains all the essential ingredients to ease your horse's mud fever symptoms and has been specially formulated for animal application.
Eases itchiness and helps protect against external irritants to aid faster skin healing.
  • Horse Shield’s antipruetic qualities soothe and moisturise your horse's skin easing the desire to bite at the infected area, thereby avoiding further skin damage.
Provides extra protection for open wounds and skin lesions and helps prevent secondary infections.
  • Horse Shield’s natural anti-bacterial agents assists skin hygiene.
Remains effective for up to 5 hours regardless of weather conditions.
  • One application of Horse Shield provides a microscopic protective layer that is rain resistant. It only disperses as the skin cells are shed naturally.

Want to prove to yourself how effective Horse Shield is?

We’re so confident in the unique way in which Horse Shield works that we urge new customers to try it without any financial risk. We are the only company in the equine skincare industry that has the confidence to offer this.

Invest with confidence! With our unique Horse Shield 90 Day Money Back Guarantee  you can quickly prove to yourself that Horse Shield will solve your equine mud fever skincare concerns!



Horse Shield - Your solution to equine mud fever skin care

For horse owners who suffer from dry, cracked skin Derma Shield has a solution for you as well. See the Dry Skin and Cracked Skin information pages on the Derma Shield website.

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